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E-commerce Website Development

Ecommerce website development is the process of developing the technical aspects of your ecommerce website — how it functions, accepts payments, behaves in response to user action and appears aesthetically. Effective eCommerce web development can give your potential customers a good impression of your brand which can encourage them to stay longer on your site. They give easy chance to your business organization to increase your reach to customers who are not able to visit your physical store.

Category & Product Management

Easy management of Category & Product offerings streamlines operations and enables faster response to changing market needs. Once the Main Resources starts working fine, rest of the Operations boost automatically. Product management is the business process of planning, developing, launching, and managing a product or service. It includes the entire lifecycle of a product, from ideation to development to go to market.


of Products






& Analysing

Price Policy




Sales & Offers






Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateways are Most secure & easys form of Money Transfer on online Platforms. They reduce the visible & invisible threats to clients' & users' financial transactions providing z-plus security using cryptography based algorithms.
We provide PG Integration Services which are used in the Ecomm sites, Enterprise Projects, Mobiles Apps & any Other currency based transaction Tasks. Most of the Payment Gateway provider companies support major banking solutions, Wallets, Debit & Credit Cards and UPIs, thus helps client to carry out transactions globally at any time.

Users shop for selected Products

Pay via Mulitple options

Pay via Credit or Debit Card
Pay using UPI id
Pay using Wallets

Users Management

Any online page is useless if they do not have enough visitors. Thus it becomes crucial part to manage all the users visiting our site making sure to provide them information they have come for. Converting visitors into recurring customers and blocking malicious visitors are the main operations of User Management Systems. Apart from that there are many modules such as Customer Groups, Affiliates, Admins & Employees.

Vendor Management

Vendor management solution is the comprehensive set of modules that automate the end-to-end vendor management process, from vendor qualification and onboarding to vendor rating and offboarding.

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Engagement Tools

Vendor engagement tools are designed to manage vendor relationships throughout active procurement cycles from initial contact to final closure.

Performance Mgmt.

Maintaining updated information of a vendor’s performance throughout the contract period helps organizations spot weaknesses at individual supplier and supply chain level.

Automated Process

It offers simplified vendor Registration, automated order processing and actionable insights to speed up the decision-making process.

Order Management

Order management is the process of order capturing, tracking, and fulfilling customer orders. The order management process begins when an order is placed and ends when the customer receives their package. It includes communicating with Vendor Management System, Payment Gateway & Delivery service providers with the use of many others APIs.

Pickup / Delivery System

Either a company provides its own fulfilment to a local depot, which is then picked up by the courier and dispersed to customers, or couriers pick up packages directly from the seller. Couriers often pick up many different orders to deliver to a specific area or region in order to reduce overall transport and time.

Map Location


User Registration

Facebook & Google


Govt. Appr. Providers

Delivery API

Various Providers

Site Optimization


Chat Boots


API Integration

To perform a designed function in exchange of data to execute a Process by allowing developers to use the program shared by Provider. APIs provided by The leading digital and enterprise technology providers to make sure our customers’ digital initiatives deliver the greatest possible impact. We use various APIs depending on the Task to seamlesly transfer data & complete the operation with Safety & Security.

Customized Dashboard / Admin Panels

Designed to capture and incorporate continuous data and intelligence across the website to provide a comprehensive, real-time view into how resources are performing and the impact on key business, process and people.

Hundreds of millions of custom solutions vying for attention, so getting a solution development right, based on your business model is critical.

For companies, understanding how the business will evolve and the goals that can be achieved with effective digital experiences is key.

Reports Management

Data driven insights and real-time visibility to Reports enable faster & smarter build up of the Business Strategy. Continuous cycle of evaluation drives powerful business outcomes. The result is "Perfect Future Planning" !

Recurring Customers:

Locality of Your Product/Service :

Profit Margins :

Trending & Top

Selling Products

Vendors & Users


User Buying


The information needed to be added for Customer support can be generated by user behaviour & their feedbacks .

From revenue reporting, one can figure out what's working, what is in demand and what can be done to increase the Business.

Users returned products can be analyzed based on the reports, which helps differetiate loyal customers, also one can find the reason behind cancellation of specific products and improve the Service.

Good marketing reports give you all the data you need to make a decision and take action.

We combine Strategy, Research, Design & Analytics to optimize user Experience !

Meeting customers requirements to help them outperform their competition through Promotion.

Simplified, well organized, Faster & Secure Sites make user experience as delicious as Tasty Food, which does not resist them coming back !

Promoting your site by making it a pivotal part of a Digital Strategy, builds credibility & Trust with audiences.

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