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Selecting a Domain Name

First step to enter Digital world is to have a domain, A unique domain name which gives your company an online Identity. Buying a domain is as easy, but deciding a name that makes your company a value added Brand, is very important. Following are the norms to be carry out white buying :

  • Domain name should be unique, easy to remember and small.
  • There should be no special characters in the name.
  • It should not start with white space or any special characters.
  • Copyright is the current issue in the market, so make sure to buy the one which do not belong to any other brand.

There are many Domain Name Providers, Some of the companies are listed below, that we have been using for a long time.

Everyone knows the name, the dominating one in the market with various client friendly features with high security. You can buy-sell your domain here. You can ask for the extra discount using chat option at the time of placing an order.

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A company with very supportive staff helps you buy the domain with easy to use Control Panel. You can have 2 free email-Ids on a buying a domain. If you are not planning to buy or use hosting space, you can avail this offer.

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You can buy domain with different extensions on discounted offers. Easy Transfer of domain & Refund options are available. In case of a spelling mistake or domain name change, you can go with them.

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We prefer buying domain from Godaddy & hosting space from any other providers. By keeping your domain & hosting space in different places, it makes them more secure nonetheless all providers have their own Security systems.

Hosting Space

2nd Step is to buy a Hosting space which you can point to your domain and upload your webite data. Buying it from Hosting Provider allows you to rent a space on server. If you have already hired a company to develop a website, they normally provide hosting space included in the package or with extra charges. Otherwise you can buy on your own depending the Project size and consulting your developer company.


If you have a Larger Enterprise - Custom project, you can buy hosting space from Hostgator. They provide space with all the Technical specifications mentioned.

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Unlike larger space, if you have a small informative site and wants to use ready to make site, This is the company, with fixed storage space.

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Please note : All the details we have shared are on our peronal experience basis. It can have different reviews from person to person. We can suggest you, at last its your own decision and better suggestion is to leave this on your website Developer company. As their Developer knows better which tools & facilities they want to use from a particular service provider.

SSL Certificate

Websites need SSL certificates to keep user data secure, verify ownership of the website, prevent attackers from creating a fake version of the site, and convey trust to users. If you don't have an SSL certificate, your website may still function as always, but it will be vulnerable to hackers and Google will warn visitors that your website is not secure. Google also gives priority to websites that have an SSL certificate. It provides privacy and critical security.

Depending on your Hosting package, most of the company provides SSL certificate free of charge, please check in package details if it is included or not. If not then you can buy separetely. Make sure to buy it from the same company from where you have purchased Hosting Space. This way it becomes easy to connect SSL Certificate to your website.

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